Oh, Ipsy! – July/August

I could just wait for later in the month and start this series with my August review and September unbagging… but naaaaah, let’s just do a late July review/August unbagging and have two Ipsy posts this month!

For anyone who may not know, Ipsy is a beauty subscription that mails you 5 deluxe samples or full size products/items in a different adorable little bag for $10 a month U.S, free S&H. (If you find you’d like to give it a try please use my referral link, here, that gives me a few reward points. I’d appreciate it so much, Thank you! ♥)

So let’s see what goodies my birth month of August has brought!


The theme for August was Sugar Highness, and I am absolutely in love with the bags! We had the chance of getting one of two gorgeous designs done by one of the lovelies of Ipsy, Michelle Phan. They’re both beautifully done, but I must admit I’m rather excited that I got my favorite of the two; I just love it. They’re a light canvas with the images applied in thin coating across the entire surface of the material, secured by a light pink zipper with a matching light pink liner inside. I’m super excited to share my review of things once my September bag arrives! (Spoiler, it’s all pretty positive!)

The goodies inside:
▫ The Organic Pharmacy – Rose Facial Cleansing Gel  [30 ml/1 oz.]
▫ Beau Gachis – Paris Pro Series Applicator Sponge
▫ Marc Anthony – Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Deep Hydrating Treatment [50 ml/1.69 oz.]
▫ Nomad Cosmetics – Intense Eyeshadow, in Spice Market [0.05 oz.]
▫ NYX Professional Makeup – Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator, in Gleam [0.43 oz/13 ml.]

Now, let’s take a look back at my July bag and talk a bit about those goodies, as  I’ve actually had time to properly try and make use of them.


Julys theme was appropriately named Hot Summer Nights, and came in an adorable silver holographic bag covered on one side by tiny beach umbrella tops with a soft pink liner fabric inside.
[Having decided to go ahead with this post last minute, rather than waiting for August/September, my July products are used, dirty and without boxes – so for this one post I have borrowed the product images from Ipsy. So, all of the following product images are not mine and are the property of ipsy.com. The above images and all future images will be my own. My apologies.]

A new makeup brush is always a pleasant surprise, and the Professional Eyeshadow Brush from Vasanti Cosmetics is a very nice one. This brush is so extremely soft and applies and packs on shadow and shadow highlight perfectly. The shape and design of the brush is also rather nice, fitting so comfortably in the hand.

Retails: $21.00 U.S
Vasanti Cosmetics does not test on animals.


I was thrilled to see this theBalm Cosmetics eyeshadow single in Meet Matt(e) Trimony – Matt Moskowitz in my bag! I just love their packaging too, it’s so adorable. The shade is a deep purple that’s really fun to work into the crease of a smokey eye in a formula that blends absolutely beautifully.

Retails: $42.00 U.S [Palette of 9 shadows]
theBalm Cosmetics is cruelty-free.


820august20ipsy20-20sugar20highness20-instaMy apologies for lack of a proper swatch,
this once I’m going to make do.


I also got to try the Embryolisse Laboratories, Lait’Creme Concentre, which is a “multi-function nourishing moisturizer” that  functions as a primer, makeup remover and after-shave cream. It is moisturizing, did help my makeup apply smoothly and has only the faintest of lotion scents; unfortunately I have sensitive skin that didn’t seem to care for this product as it reddened my cheeks and broke me out.

Retails: $16.00 U.S [1 oz./30 ml]
Product not tested on animals.

And the Eau Thermale Avene, Micellar Lotion; which is another cleanser, toner and makeup remover. As a toner it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin fresh, however again – it irritated my sensitive skin as well, simply feeling uncomfortable. I don’t usually have trouble with toners, so I’m not sure why really. It performed well as a makeup remover however, even making light work of my waterproof and liquid eyeliners.

Retails: $12.00 U.S [3.3 oz./100 ml]
Eau Thermale Avene sells in China*.

Last but not least I also got a bit of Too Faced, Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. While I can’t test it’s name sake, hehee, I can say that it feels lovely and moisturizing with the softest scent from the coconut water. It helped a bit with my pores, but wonderfully with the application and wear of my makeup.

Retails: $32.00 U.S [1.35 oz.]
Too Faced is cruelty free, product is vegan friendly.


That wraps up my July Ipsy glam bag, I only wish I had gotten it out at the end of August as planned! But, I’ll share a bit on that another time. For now I hope you enjoyed this post, seeing what goodies I got in my bag and reading a bit about how I did with them.
What did you get in your July Ipsy? Which bag did you get?

Hope to see you again next time! Until then, sending you the best of thoughts, hopes and wishes. ♥


*Although a company may claim to be (or may usually be) cruelty free, China currently requires all imported products of such nature to be tested on animals. So selling in China from outside of China means testing on animals.


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