PINCHme baby – August/September

Another box of goodies had come while I was stuck on bed rest after surgery last month, my August PINCHme! We’ve been using some of the goodies over the last week I’ve been able to actually do more and I’m excited to share a quick review of them.

Just in case; PINCHme is a fun site that offers free samples for reviews. After a quick signup there’s a series of short surveys to get to know you, your household and your shopping habits to better match you to samples you’d actually useĀ and companies to their target consumer market. Ā Then on the second Tuesday of everyĀ month at 12/Noon ET the current batch of available samples is shared on on a first come first serve basis. Pinchers claim what samples they’d like to try from those that matched to them from the companies target consumers and than “check out” with free shipping. Within a month or so (4-6 weeks) the samples arrive via your local post office for you andĀ your household to try and than log back onto the site to give your honest review. It takes the slightest of effort but is fun and rather worth it in my opinion. I meanĀ – free samples! From beauty and hygiene (mens and womens), snacks and foods to baby, toddler, child and pet needs andĀ household supplies. Yes, please!
If you do decide to sign up, please use my referral code link (or my referral codeĀ 7RHVS, which can beĀ added when updating your ā€œbasic profileā€ after joining). I would appreciate it tons!

Aug PINCHme Sep Review

As I mentioned, these are the samples I claimed the second week of AugustĀ that arrived by local post a little over four weeks later in September, unfortunately I was healing on bed rest at that time – so we’re finally getting to make use of these goodies now, Yay!

ā–« Sheba – Perfect Portions in Cuts in Gravy, Delicate Whitefish & Tuna Entree
Each “serving” is 37.5 g/1.3 oz with 2 per container (totaling 75 g/2.6 oz) andĀ aĀ perforated center for easy splitting. AtĀ a price range of $7.99 U.S per 12 pack online at and walmart.comĀ via a google search; and singles look to be available in store as well.

My cats seemed to really enjoy it; all but my oldest girl who generally doesn’t care too much for fish and walked away early –Ā but did comeĀ back later for a few more nibbles. However, will I be purchasing it for them in the future? Probably not. The portion sizes are perfect for a single kitty household!Ā And having the ability to keep the second “portion” completely fresh and unopened (and thus not needing refrigerationĀ and being made cold) is wonderful. But for our household of three crazy felines, we’ll be sticking with the larger 5.5 oz/156 g cans they love now.
From a persons point of view; the texture looked “meaty”, it had a fresh fish scent – like tuna; but not very much gravy as cats seem to enjoy from other brands. I love that the first few ingredients areĀ Chicken Broth, Whitefish, Chicken Liver, Tuna, Chicken, Meat By-Products, Poultry By-Products and they containĀ no grains or corn.

PINCHme Sheba Trio Dinner

ā–« 3M Scotch Brite – Non-Scratching Scrubbing Dish Cloth
Each rag is 11 x 11 inches and available in 5 colors, in Single Packs and Ā Double packs (which run aroundĀ $4.15 U.S from via scotch-brite.comsĀ “where to buy” link), made ofĀ 92% Polyester and 8% Nylon.

I was a little skeptical of the Scotch Brite Dish Cloth at first to be honest, but I’m ratherĀ impressed! It feels a bit thin but is actually decently absorbent, lathers well and has a bunch of tiny little rubber scrubby dots on one side. We’ve been using it for about a week now and it’s stood up to two washes through the washer and dryer (on medium), hasn’t scratched any of my favorite printed mugs (the most important test, hehee) or pans and made pretty light work of a baked brownie pan after only a short soak.Ā “Safe for non-stick cookware! Rinses clean and dries quickly! Machine washable and dryer safe!” All true so far. Given the cost and life of my usual sponges, I can truly see making the switch with this one.

ā–« LivRelief – Pain Relief Cream, Extra Strength (sample 1.5 g/0.05 oz x2)
Full size comes in 50 g/1.76 oz at $18.99 U.S viaĀ

Thankfully I haven’t had anything come about toĀ have a need for any “temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with: simple backache – arthritis – strains – bruises – sprains.” Then the other evening boyfriend made mention of his shoulder being sore from something he did at work, so I grabbed the cream! hehee. I applied it to his shoulder and he said there was a very very light tingle onĀ his skin that quickly went away. The scent was also extremely light, a very “natural” with light hints of the seed extracts and very faint undertones of the floral extracts; but so light it’s almost unnoticeable.
After about thirty minutes I checked in with boyfriend who said he was feeling about the same, after another thirty minutes (an hour after application) he said it was feeling a bit better. He described his shoulder as not being as tight, sore or achy; while he could still feel that he had pulled or twisted it at work it wasn’t near what it was when he had gotten home; by the next morning he said it was just fine like nothing hadĀ happened.
Although given the price of the full size, I would like to use the other small sampleĀ and see how it helps a second time before considering the purchase – it does seem like a rather promising product.

Aug PINCHme Sep Review gif=

I hope you found even a bit of this helpful and/or informative. Let me know in the comments what you think of such reviews as I love doing them and find them to beĀ a lot of fun to share.

As always, until next time ā€“ my best of thoughts, hopes and wishes with lots of love!


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