National Pet Peeves Week, who knew?!

It seems we have days, weeks and sometimes full months for most everything; and it appears that we’re wrapping up the end of National Pet Peeves Week, which is the whole second week of October. For some reason I’m finding this far funnier than I’m sure I should, so let’s talk about it!

Dirty Look Cat“I can hear you chewing.”

Not very much really gets under my skin, of course there’s the few things that may make my eyes roll but not very much really gets to me – and some of what does is probably really silly to most people. You tell me?


  • Typos in memes! In creating something that would probably be kind of cool if it went viral and was shared all over, why not take the time to spell check. I just can’t share a bad typo meme, no matter how much I may agree/identify with it. And that makes me so sad.
  • Rude/Meanness in comment sections, and somes assumption that this is simply common place internet behavior that others should just tolerate “or gtfo”. No, the internet is not middle school – there is no reason for such nonsense. Constructive criticism and being a jerky troll are two completely different things.


  • Not breaking down the recycling; like popping the bottom of boxes to fold flat (not just trying to smoosh!) and crushing any plastic bottles if possible. It saves so much space in the bins.
  • Mixing food products – jelly in the peanut butter or butter for instance. Please don’t.
  • When things have a place where they go or belong and they’re used and not put back in their place. Now where is it the next time that it’s needed?
  • Having to clean other peoples shower gunk out of the drain catcher. Everyone should clean their own shower funk – no one should have to touch someone else’s shower funk. Ew!!


  • When people don’t use their turn signals! Turn signals help everyone around know exactly what they need to do to help keep traffic moving efficiently and most importantly safely for everyone!
  • People who are unnecessarily rude to others, especially service workers. They’re just trying to do their job, there’s no reason for such nonsense that makes another persons day that much more difficult. (More so for those who don’t tip!)
  • Individuals who mistreat others – other people, children, animals – don’t. Just don’t.

Okay, typed out like this makes it seem like a lot of more things than previously mentioned; but then again – we all have our things, right? What is it that just gets to you, what are your pet peeves? Please let me know and/or discuss in the comments!

Until next time, the best of thoughts, hopes and wishes with lots of love, always. xoxo


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