PINCHme baby – September/October

Finally we’re reviewing my September PINCHme! And it’s a pretty tasty review!

Just in case; PINCHme is a fun site that offers free samples for reviews. After a quick signup there’s a series of short surveys to get to know you, your household and your shopping habits to better match you to samples you’d actually use and companies to their target consumer market.  Then on the second Tuesday of every month, Sample Tuesday, at 12/Noon ET the current batch of available samples is shared on on a first come first serve basis. Pinchers claim what samples they’d like to try from those that matched to them from the companies target consumers and then “check out” with free shipping. Within a month or so (4-6 weeks) the samples arrive via your local post office for you and your household to try and then log back onto the site to give your honest review. It takes the slightest of effort but is fun and rather worth it in my opinion. I mean – free samples! From beauty and hygiene (mens and womens), snacks and foods to baby, toddler, child and pet needs and household supplies. Yes, please!
If you do decide to sign up, please use my referral code link (or my referral code 7RHVS, which can be added when updating your “basic profile” after joining). I would appreciate it tons!

Sep PINCHme Oct Review

Again these are the samples I claimed the second Tuesday of September that arrived by local post a little over four weeks later in October. While I wanted to have this out at the end of the month I also wanted to be sure I had an actual opinion to share first – of course! So I’m a few days later than I’d like – but I’ll be sharing a yummy snack recipe very soon to make up for it. [Unfortunately I didn’t qualify for any samples during Octobers Sample Tuesday, so we won’t have one of these boxes/posts for November. *update* I sadly didn’t qualify for any November samples either, so we wont have any for December. Maybe next time.]

Sep PINCHme PopCorners=

PopCorners Popped Corn Chips, in Carnival Kettle (sample 1 oz./28 g).
Full size comes in 7 oz./198 g. bags for between about $2.50-3.50 U.S and also a variety of snack pack boxes depending on your local stores: store locator available via brand site. Available in what looks to be 7 different yummy sounding flavors as well as 2 additional “Holiday Limited Edition” sweet treat flavors too (as of this posting). Yum!


These. Are. Delicious! We weren’t sure exactly what to expect with a popped corn chip, but the flavor and texture remind myself and boyfriend of a crispy chip version of the cereal corn pops – only better, because they’re non-gmo chips that go deliciously with dips too! We’ve found and purchased the Carnival Kettle as well as the Cheddar Feel-Good flavor (which tastes like a nice sweet cheddar popcorn) from our local grocery store and like them so much that we plan to try the others available and are also on the hunt locally for a couple of the varieties that our grocer doesn’t carry. I will find them and we will try them! hehee
This sample has certainly been a win! While not exactly a “health” snack, they are a much healthier option to regular chips and having such a tasty non-gmo option at a reasonable price is rather lovely. We highly recommend this one, especially the Carnival Kettle (so far).


Sep PINCHme Pill Pockets=


Greenies Pill Pockets, in Chicken Flavor (sample 4 dogs treats, 1 oz./28.3 g).
Full size comes in 3 different doggy loving flavors in 2 package sizes; 30 treats (roughly $6-7 U.S) and 60 treat ($12-14ish U.S) with both coming in capsule and tablet varieties (as well as two flavors for cats with 45 treats).


Unfortunately our Lucy-loo did get a tummy ache in recent weeks and after a visit to our vet she had to take some antibiotics for a few days, so we did make use of this sample, and the coupon. Although I tried to get a photo of her reaction, even not feeling well she was too quick for me to click the button – she ate it up with no problems when giving her such medicines is usually quite the task. The scent of chicken is rather strong (not in a bad way) so I imagine the flavor helps mask anything inside, she certainly enjoyed them, wanting another immediately after the first. The texture is soft to help form around the pill, almost like a stiffer dough, but not sticky or messy in the slightest. Although they are all natural I don’t think we’ll give them to her regularly given all of the wheat in them, but they definitely do the trick for getting our picky older Rottweiler to actually take her medicine with no issue! A win here too, within a decent price point to boot.


Sep PINCHme Taco=

McCormick Organic Taco Seasoning Mix (sample 1 oz./28 g)
Full size looks to currently only come in the 1 oz pouches for around $1.50 U.S, here’s hoping they expand their organic line to not only more varieties but also to their larger 1 lb 8 oz shakers in the future. As of posting they offer only a small selection of organics in their mixes; Taco, Fajita, Chili and a Brown Gravy (although it does look as though they’ve branched into a new line, McCormick Gourmet, for organic herbs and spices as well).

I was rather excited to see such a well known non-specialty store brand offering more organic options into the market, especially into spices and herbs and seasoning mixes that can sometimes make life easier. The more organic and non-gmo options available the better.
I haven’t made my cheesy taco dip in ages, so of course that’s how I decided to make use of this Taco Seasoning Mix. It’s a simple but delicious recipe, I’ll share it here very soon for anyone who may enjoy such things as well. The seasoning held up to everything McCormick Taco Seasoning is, deliciously well seasoned with a slight kick that’s not overly done (very mild heat). Perfectly taco-y. I’m thrilled to have it as an option for the many tasty recipes such a seasoning  mix is good for and I’m certainly going to be on the lookout for more organic options from them.


Sep PINCHme Oct Review gif=


We had a lot of fun trying out the tasty samples of Septembers PINCHme Sample Tuesday over these last couple of weeks, and I had fun sharing how we did things with all of you – hope you found even a bit of this helpful and/or informative and maybe even found a new goody or two you’d like to try yourself.

As always, until next time – my best of thoughts, hopes and wishes with lots of love! xoxo


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